Knowledge Generation and Findings Dissemination: A Step Closer Toward Research Utilization

The CSA-B Research and Planning Office conducted its Annual Research Forum 2017 last November 10, 2017, 2:00-5:00 pm at the CSA-B Audio Visual Room. Six (6) researches were presented during the said activity. Three of which were studies from the College of Engineering which was funded by the Institutional Research Grant, two were accomplished by the Middle Managers of the school and one coming from its alumni.

The Institutional Research Grants presented were: “An Innovative Design and Development of a Solar-Powered Portable Cooler for Engineering Education on Refrigeration Application” by project leader Engr. Isabelo L. Ganaba, Jr. with members Engr. Fernando P. Emnace and Engr. Jeremiah Dearborn F. Gangoso which developed a prototype for Mechanical Engineering Laboratory applications for cooling of products to aid in Outcomes Based Education for Mechanical Engineering students; “Development of Wired and Wireless Network Trainer for Computer Engineering and CS/IT Students of CSA-B” by Engr. Rodolfo G. Doromal Jr., MT, a study which created a cost-effective and user friendly training equipment with a comprehensive manual for laboratory classes of Computer Engineering and Computer Science / Information Technology students, and “Study in Identifying the Mental Functions of Second Year Engineering Students Based on Hemispheric Connectivity” by project leader Engr. Eduardo C. Leonor, Dean of the College of Engineering, and members Ms. Gladys L. Arceo and Mrs. Ma. Elena M. Morales, which provided a profile on the brain dominance of engineering students based on hemispheric quadrants and aims to develop a program that will improve identified latent areas.

The Research and Planning Director, Paolo G. Hilado, RN, DRDM, MN, also presented the findings for his research entitled “Equity Preference, Inputs to Social Exchange and Job Satisfaction in the Context of an Academic Institution”. The aforesaid research further supported the findings that the Equity Preference Questionnaire, developed by Dr. Sauley and Dr. Bedeian of the Louisiana State University, seem to be a psychometrically sound instrument when profiling participants based on Equity Preference. In addition, the said research also developed an instrument which will be utilized by the institution to measure job satisfaction considering a variable weights approach depending on the perceived importance by the individual. The Director for Human Resource Management and Development, Dr. Karen L. Zamora, Llb., also presented the findings for her study entitled “Compliance with the Child Protection Policy” which examined the extent of compliance of an Augustinian academic institution in the Philippines with the Department of Education (DepEd) Order No. 40 on Child Protection Policy. The school’s alumnus, Mr. Chris John S. Bedoria, BS Psychology Graduate Batch 2016, presented the research findings of his group (members: Rosielyn Aguilar, Deolmil Mae Canja, Inah Mariel Gayapa and Thea Marie Romero) entitled “Resilience, Forgiveness and Anger Expression”. The study presented by Mr. Bedoria won First Place in the Oral Presentation-Student Category in the 2nd Western Visayas Health Research Conference held last Oct. 20-21, 2016 in Iloilo City. Their study determined the levels of resilience, forgiveness and anger expression of BS Psychology students of a chosen school. The study found out that there was a positive relationship between resilience and forgiveness whereas no significant correlations were found between resilience and anger expression and between forgiveness and anger expression in the participants.

Dr. Gereon A. Cabarles, Dr. Irene G. Malaga, Mr. Richard D. Meriveles, Fr. Tito D. Soquiño, OSA, Fr. Romanico O. Cañon, OSA and Fr. Eusebio B. Berdon, OSA were invited as reactors in the said forum. Fr. Andrew P. Batayola, OSA, School President also graced the occasion and gave the Opening Message. Another noteworthy segment in the forum was the Orientation on Research Utilization by Prof. Lerma D. Paris, Research Utilization Committee Chairperson of the Western Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium. She emphasized the need for translating the research discoveries, innovations and breakthroughs into policies and practice as well as the importance of securing intellectual property rights and patenting of products.

The CSA-B Research and Planning Office continues to encourage the conduct of research as well as promote the utilization of research findings and developed technologies in its effort to strengthen Outcomes-Based Research and Development in the educative community.


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