Scholarships and Privileges

Augustinian Eagle Excellence Scholarship (Honor’s Scholarship)

Awarded to high school honor graduates (Valedictorians to 10th honorable mention) of secondary schools recognized by the Department of Education. This scholarships continues in the succeeding semester(s) as long as the grantee has met the criteria stipulated in the memorandum of agreement.


  • Original and photocopy of the Certificate of Scholarship
  • Original and photocopy of Report Card
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Graduation Program
  • Certification from the Principal for the Honors’ obtained
  • 1 piece 2×2 ID picture
  • General Weighted Average of 90% and above with no grade below 85% in any subject
  • Carry the regular subject load of the semester prescribed in the curriculum

Admission Scholarship

Awarded to high school graduates who passed the admission test conducted by the Guidance Services Center of the school with a stanine (standard nine) rating of 7 and above.

Applicant must belong to the upper 40% of his/her graduating batch; average grade is at least 85% and without a failing mark in any subject.

Academic Standing Scholarship

Continuing college students of Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod who perform well in academics and have met the grade requirement and criteria set by the school are qualified to apply for this scholarship.

The applicant must carry the regular subject load of the semester prescribed in the curriculum, and have earned a general weighted average of at least 90% with no grade below 85%.

The NSTP grade of the student concerned must not be below 80%. Second coursers are not qualified for this type of scholarship.

Discounts vary from 100%, 50%, 25% and 10% based on the scholastic record presented.

Athletic Scholarship

A scholarship designed to help financially-challenged students acquire college education while pursuing excellence in sports.

Deserving athletes are given 100% discount on tuition and miscellaneous fees. Sports uniforms, athletic shoes and meal allowances are also provided for during competitions officially endorsed by the school.

This is open to high school graduating students, transferees, as well as bona-fide students of CSA-B who have special talents in basketball and volleyball; not more than 22 years of age; physically  and mentally fit to play; of good moral character; and have never been subjected to any disciplinary action.

Performing Arts Scholarship

This is granted to bona-fide students with exceptional talents in the field of performing arts and are proficient in the art applied for (singing, acting, dancing and brass band).

  • Kalinaw Chorale
  • Kagayon Dance Troupe
  • Kamighon Pop and Brass Band
  • Kanlaon Theater Guild

Performing Arts scholars can maintain their scholarship in the succeeding semesters if they have no failure, dropped, or “No Credit” ratings, with an evaluation of at least “Very Good” and abide by the retention policy of their respective performing group.

An applicant must carry a minimum load of 18 units, had passed the screening or audition conducted; and been accepted by the committee-in-charge.

Working Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to provide an opportunity for Catholic financially-challenged but deserving and intellectually-capable students to pursue college education by employing them as part-time working students to assist in the various offices and laboratories of the school.

An applicant must be a high school graduate or first year college student who belongs to a family whose annual income is not more than Php 50,000.00, with good academic standing (no grade below 85%); good moral conduct and integrity; physically fit to work and pass the battery of examinations and interviews conducted by the screening committee assigned by the Vice-President for Student Affairs and External Relations.


  • Application letter addressed to the Vice-President for Student Affairs and External Relations
  • Report Card (Original and Photo Copy)
  • Birth Certificate (NSO)
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Certification from the Barangay Captain
  • Recommendation from Parish Priest
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Parents’ Income Tax Return or Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Electric Bills for the last three months
  • 1 piece 2×2 ID picture
  • X-ray result and Medical Certificate from an accredited physician/school physician
  • Filled-out Individual Inventory Form

St. Augustine Scholarship

A one-semester scholarship awarded to students who win the St. Augustine Scholarship Contest conducted by the Campus Ministry Office of the school.


  • Applicant must be a  bona-fide student currently enrolled during the semester when the contest is held;
  • Applicant must not have won in any of the previously held St. Augustine Scholarship Contests;
  • Applicant does not hold another scholarship given by the CSA-B;
  • Applicant has been highly recommended by any of the College’s Religious Education teachers and approved by the Dean or Principal

The contest is ecumenical in nature.  Applicants from other Churches may join the contest. It is open to students of grade school, high school and college.

Religious Privileges

Members of the clergy and religious orders enrolled at CSA-B are given discounts on tuition fees.


  • Application for Discount form and letter endorsed by the CSA-B Friars

Family Privileges

Members of the same family will enjoy discounts on tuition fees upon submission of application forms and supporting documents at the office of the Vice-President for Finance and Administration within two weeks after the enrollment period.

First regular student – full payment
Second regular student – 10% discount
Third regular student – 25% discount


  • Birth Certificate
  • Family Discount form available at the Accounting Office

Engineering Scholarship Program

For transferees and graduates of Technical and Technology courses.


Do you still have questions about our Scholarship Program?

Do call the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and External Relations: (034) 4345365


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